This video implies that 1980s dancehall star Eek-A-Mouse reveal that he plays on the left


Maybe this is just a act to gain some attention. Maybe it's a genuine declaration of his sexual preference (long after his virgin girl) and he just wants all to know that he's always loved to have his stool shoved in. But what's the deal with the "jesus" crooning in the video. Has Eek-A-Mouse (Ripton Joseph Hylton)  simply gone mad?

In the second video he says he loves gay people, but at the same time he uses the gay label an insult toward the Marley boys. That's just total contradiction and a cry for attention. He never clearly says "I am gay", he seems to just be making clear to gay people that he is not homophobic like the other dancehall artists. Maybe Eek just wants some relevancy like he had in 1981.

This is a snapshop from showing a public survey of Ripton's sexual choice. Of course this is all just people's opinion so it could just be bad-minded responses, but as they say in JA, sumting inna sumting!



The one hit from 1980 - Virgin Girl

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