Speculation abound that Iyana Mayweather may be pregnant for that ghetto rapper

Speculation abound that Iyana Mayweather may be pregnant for that ghetto rapper

The boxing champ Floyd Mayweather's little girl has been chasing the "bad boys" since she graduated high school and skipped college (probably too dumb for college) to just roam the planet and spend her pappy's money. It's pretty much what all those rich Hollywood offsprings do anyway.

She had been spotted at multiple places hugging titghtly with ghetto rapper "nba youngboy" who at the time had a girl or 2 pregnant. Yaya, posted and removed an Instagram photo which someone immediately noted that she seemed to be pregnant. She immediately deleted the post and has gone silent since. Maybe it is true that she is stuffed, but is the sperm donor that rapper? That's is the big speculation. Poppa Floyd will not be happy about that shit!

The ghetto rapper was arrested in February 2019 in Atlanta after assaulting a hotel employee, and that's the kinda life he knows best. He certainly is not a fit for the Mayweather "Money Team" 'cos he would just be a legal expense forever.


NBA Youngboy has 4 kids, 2 more girls pregnant, herpes and 10 other women on the side. 

Even with all that knowledge, a woman named Arabia got his face tattooed on her chest.

Arabia claims that she is going to be with Youngboy forever, but she isn’t with him now, so it is a bit confusing.  Youngboy appears to be with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

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