Rapper SZA has caused the Sephora stores to close for racial pity training WTF!

Rapper SZA has caused the Sephora stores to close for racial pity training WTF!

In April, SZA the rapper tweeted about her experience in a Sephora in Calabasas, California, saying security was called because a staff member thought she was stealing from the store, and the black Twittersphere went off on the store! Now Sephora has closed all stores for a day of black people pity, labeled as "racial training"!

The fact is -- WHITE FOLKS BUILT THEIR STORES FOR WHITE FOLKS!! Get that into your black heads and you will understand why the racial profiling will FOREVER occur. For one, a negro woman (SZA) with unnaturally long straight hair is already a sign of self hate and disloyalty and EVERY other human race and the animal and insects see that as the weakness of the black race.

Black people are not despised because of the color of their skin! Heck south Indians and the natives of Australia are absolute black yet not hated as the African. No, black Africans are hated by all races because of their mental weakness, disloyalty to their race, fear, dependency and submissiveness. No one wants their kids to associate with such inferior human characteristics. Rise up and restore what once was a mighty race who built pyramids, irrigated deserts, performed surgery, wrote books and developed mathematical equations.

To avoid the hate:

  • Unite financially
  • Build your own brands just like whitey did
  • Support ONLY black owned businesses
  • STOP chasing what the white man built ONLY for white people
  • Stop begging for white pity
  • Stop BLAMING white folks for your sorry ass life
  • Quit hating your natural appearance

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