Romain Virgo engaged to long time gal pal

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Reggae Artist Romain Virgo, has made the move of a lifetime, the singer whose "Lovesick" album was released earlier this year, announced to the world via his official Instagram page on Saturday that he is officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend, ELizabeth. In a video released, the singer revealed that he would be using their first official photo shoot as a couple to ask the life-changing question.

Virgo can be seen in the video outwardly nervous as he stumbles over his words and thought of how to pop the big question to his future wife,back by beautiful scenery of the Jamaican hillside you can feel the emotions through the screen as he knelt on bended knee in the middle of a running stream to profess his undying love.

Something from a fairytale, as we can see the true emotion of both Virgo and his future wife, showing what we wish will be that beginning of a long and happy marital life. The world seems happy fo the young couple and his many fans from across the globe have been sending congratulatory messages since the release of the video, yes sir Romain you and your beautiful wife to be, are truly “In This Together”.

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