Does a black woman need unnatural straight hair to be considered beautiful?

Does a black woman need unnatural straight hair to be considered beautiful?

Before the invasion of Africa by white slave traders, African women kept the hair texture they were born with and styled it as the trend of their African tribe was. The white slave owners insulted black women about their "nappy" hair so much during the slave period that they felt the need to alter their hair texture to copy that of the white woman. Through the years they used various methods of straightening, all of which were painful, and today the most common method is to glue in hair that has been discarded by women who were born with NATURALLY straight hair (Asians, Indians etc).

The discarded hair is collected, processed and sold at high prices by Asians who grow wealthy from the black women who crave straight hair, due to that state of self-hate instilled during slavery. So the crave is entirely a residual slave state-of-mind. You are still slaves! The very Asians who sell you the fake hair are laughing at you and abusing you when you go into their stores. They follow you around and call you criminals.

Why degrade yourselves to copy others?




The Christian bible states that the 'gods' made man in their image and the black man is the ONLY human with a unique hair texture. What if that means ONLY the black man is truly in the image of the gods?! Doesn't the act of UNNATURALLY straightening your hair imply a slap in the face of the gods for making you "imperfect"?!

No human kind who is born with NATURALLY straight hair has the desire to alter that hair to COPY the black woman, which indicates that no one likes the natural black hair texture, and that should not be taken as an insult but a point of pride, that we stand alone with the maker!

White folks are well aware that black women need to copy them to be acceptable in THEIR white society, and they have a valuable vested interest to keep black women believing that nonsense. This image was posted at a bigoted white forum to laugh at black women and acknowledge their awareness of the black woman's self-hate..


You are not fooling anyone or making white women envious when you show up with long flowing straight hair. Everyone knows it's all just fake trash hair that you bought with your hard earned dollars, while your rent goes unpaid and your kids eat poisonous canned foods.


Quit the self-hate and crave for unnatural straight hair


This video of black people dumpster diving to get fake hair thrown out by an Asian store. This is the lowest level of straight hair crave.

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Life is better and you gain much more respect from other culture when you love the natural attributes you were given and proudly wear it in all the styles you can configure.


Here are truly self loving black women who have proven that they can be very successful while maintaining their true hair and dignity.

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